Buddy's Educity 

a Coaching and Learning Destination managed by educationists..

Buddy’s Educity offers several student centric courses and guidance classes from Study Abroad Admission counseling and applications, to specialised IELTS and TOEFL Test Preparation classes, English Language Learning School to a Hospitality Skills Learning Centre coupled with training at our In-house Cafe and In room Dining plus Office and facility management services.

Buddy's Educity is based on a Buddy system of learning wherein the teacher facilitates the classes, however, its the students that get together and enhance their learning experience by learning and applying latest experiential learning techniques including outdoor team building and business case solving strategies and techniques.

Each student becomes a Buddy (guide and mentor) of another student and vice versa. At Buddy's Educity we focus on developing future leaders whilst delivering programs that are a beautiful combination of ASK- I.e. Attitude, Skill and Knowledge development.

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